Palma de Mallorca – Part 3

I had a VERY early rise on wednesday, my last day on the island and it was DEFINITELY worth it! I woke at 5:30am and got picked up by my new friend We drove from Palma to municipality of Andratx and then to the small ocean side town of Estrellens. Layered up in all the jumpers i had brought plus a scarf and gloves we set off in the dark (my friend thankfully bought a helmet light) out and up the “La Trapa” situated in the extreme south west of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

We walked and talked and walked some more through the forrest, past some barking dogs (luckily contained by a high fence) and as the track continued to grow steeper and steeper our breathing grew more labored and the talking became more infrequent as we soaked in the fresh mountain air. Eventually, we reached the top of the mountain! But the sun was still nowhere in sight so we sheltered from the icy wind behind some rocks and sat in silence as the sky morphed from deep blue

to an eventual

brilliant orange

The sun was hidden behind one of the surrounding mountains but i didnt mind as with each passing moment the the light grew and spectacular scenery was unveiled

the towering, rocky mountains

the curving, cliff lined coastline and the lush valley that lay inbetween

Eventually we tore ourselves from the view only to met by an even better one of the vast ocean and striking sa Dragonera island

as we began our descent down the other side of the the La Trapa.

The name of La Trapa originates from the Trappist monks who settled in the area in 1810, escaping from the French Revolution. During their brief stay of about 10 years, as well as the small monastery, the Trappists built stone terraces with a complete water system that permitted the transformation of the slopes in the area, previously known as the Valle de Sant Josep, into a space for cultivation and habitation. Later, La Trapa passed through different hands and the buildings and terraces were extended, transforming them into a property dedicated to agriculture, but the property has since been abandoned and left to ruin.

Much to the pleasure of the plentiful family of mountain goats who call it home!

There was also a donkey

who watched us descend to the platform that offers an outstanding view.

Before continuing down the narrow and steep path – rock jumping and tree ducking our way down


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  1. Caroline Galibert

    Absolutely breathtaking photos Holly. You certainly maximised your brief time in Palma.

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