Palma de Mallorca – Part 1

I have been having a wonderful time here but WOW getting here on Tuesday morning was one hell of a mission! I packed my bag monday night but was also packing bag for south america and another bag to leave in barcelona and was a little tired at the time – this was the cause of one of my issues to come. So i woke 6 am and was picked up by a taxi at 7 to go to the airport so i had plenty of time before my 8:40 flight. Once at the airport most of the check in desks were empty exept for one reeeeeeeeeeealllllyyyy longggggg line – this ofcourse was where i needed to be! So i lined up surrounded by about 60 senior Spanish citizens (i assumed they were heading in some sort of tour group together). Slowly, slowly we etched forward and then i realised – I forgot to write down the phone number and address of my friend that she sent in a facebook message!!!!!! I tried accessing facebook with my phone but couldnt get to the message inbox – DAMN! Just as i was figuring out my action plan i heard over the loudspeaker – KUHDJknjsfd sdkjfhksduhfs kjdhfkjshf dskjhfkjds PALMA de MALLORA ksjhdkajsf skjdhfsiuvhrgkjwfbaskfgieu khekwjfhw 61 hakufiweff por favor (the ksjhskajhda is rapid spanish that i couldnt understand). This ofcourse grabbed my attention and i scanned the counters for 61 and saw the screen with PALMA de MALLORCA último minuto – DAMN! so i squeezed my way through a crowd of tired seniors (peeved that i was surpassing them) saying lo siento lo siento, ir a palma ir a palma. Finally at the counter i checked in and then rushed through security and made my way to the gate

where ……………… everyone was just casually sitting around? Not sure why they were saying final call as there was still half an hour until boarding! so i recomposed myself and passed the time reading my forbes magazine until we were ushered onto the plane and i found my way to my seat, cosily positioned between to sturdy Spanish men. It was only a short flight but feeling a bit nauseous and still not knowing where i was meant to go when i landed i just closed my eyes and drifted in and out of a light sleep until they announced our descent. I opened my eyes to see the beautiful cliffs and beaches that were increasing lined with hotels as we passed Palma city center and made our way to the airport. After we bumped and bounced our way along the strip and to the terminal I found my bag easily but then started scanning the airport for an available computer to log on to my facebook and get the essential details! After a chat to the bordering on rude ‘help’ desk i learnt that – NO, no computers here – ok soo where should i go? – dont know – no idea at all? – no – ok i’ll just….. get a taxi, where should i tell him to go – DONT GET A TAXI! TOO EXPENSIVE! NO TAXI – ok ok, adios… thanks for your help…. I made my way to the nearest taxi as i didnt want to add took the wrong bus to my growing list of things gone wrong. In my minimal spanish i asked the driver to take me to the city centre where my chances of finding an internet cafe where highest. 20 minutes and £15 later (they were right, it WAS expensive!) i got out at Placa Espanya and after a few moments of standing with a bewildered expression on my face i started walking to the most touristy looking shop i could see. On my way i was relieved to see a big ‘@‘ sign and half ran (looking like a wounded penguin holding onto all my things) to the shop! Directed to computer 1 i hurridly logged on to get THE message – but, ofcourse, the internet (at an INTERNET cafe) wasnt working! Second attempt was thankfully succesful and with address in hand i headed to the nearest main road (after getting some flowers for my friend) and hailed down a taxi and with a big smile and ‘Aqui por favour’- shoving the paper into his hand- we headed to my destination! Once in the area we trawled for number 14 as my piece of paper had written Apartment H14 and to look for number 14 was our most logical conclusion – bad conclusion Hollie. I was dropped off between House 12 and House 16 – there was no number 14 – first sign of something wrong. Second sign of something wrong was that i was standing on the street on a steep hill looking up at the high walls of houses, not apartments. The third bad sign was when i called my friend and she said umm no i dont see you…. your in the wrong place…… So after describing my surroundings she directed me down the hill. I scrambled down barely able to hold my bag, the flowers, my piece of paper with directions and jacket that i had taken off as i was hot from walking UP the hill to number 14. After a few minutes i rounded the corner and there she was HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Relieved we made our way to apartment H14 (i had forgotten to write down the crucial part of the directions – the name of the apartments) and i unpacked my stuff. But.




something VERY important wasnt there.

I checked and checked and checked again. I had left it behind.

    I HAD LEFT MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Yes, it was only 10:45am and my day had reached its absolute low. But i soon composed myself and realised I AM ON THE ISLAND OF MAJORCA!

And yes from here my day got much better but i was exhausted! My friend has generously lent me her camera for my time here on the island and i made sure to take it with me to my first taste of palma at the colourful food market!

We scanned the stalls for the best food

and i had a lively chat – ALL IN SPANISH! – with the lady at the nuts stall about kangaroos and crocodile dundee as she counted my walnuts After getting all we needed we dropped the groceries off and headed to a lovely traditional spanish restaurant

for a hearty meal of a generously sized ensalada followed by a yummy fillet of white fish accompanied with vegies.After a tea to wash it all down we headed back to the apartment and whilst i was planning to spend the afternoon doing a bit of exploring i was absolutely wrecked and had a very deep sleep for a few hours. After i woke – only with the help of my loud phone alarm – i whipped up a pasta dish accampanied by my signature parmesan, rocket, pear, walnut and balsmic dressing for our dinner. Then AS IT WAS AUSTRALIA DAY!!!!!!!!!! ( i hope everyone back home had a lovely day and celebrated our nation – young and free- in true aussie (boozey) style with family and friends!)

I headed out to the local bar to meet up with a friend of my friend and i had the only Australian beer they had – a Fosters

as tribute to my beloved country 20 000km’s away!

It wasnt that big of a night as i couldnt find any other Australians – not a big surprise! – and i was still very tired. And i was glad i headed home when i did as today i did SOOOOO much! But all that will have to wait for Part 2 which i will try and complete tomorrow night. So. I hope you have enjoyed reading of my latest ‘adventure’ and i will be talking to you again very soon! Warm wishes, HG



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4 responses to “Palma de Mallorca – Part 1

  1. roland

    a trip with surprise is unforgettable

  2. Belén

    lol when we travel we all have days like this where everything goes wrong, but the worst thing is that everything goes wrong the worst day ever to let this happen!!! I just hope that you were more relaxed after this adventure

  3. Narcis

    What a nice experience!! haha I’m sure you’ll never forget about it this trip! haha. I hope you won’t have such a day like this for the rest of the trip!!

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