A weekend in the beautiful French Pyrenese

So Friday was my last ever day of work at the office. It was sad to say goodbye to all the people who have been to helpful over the past month but i go forward with more knowledge and confidence for my next job which will be in London! Walking to the station i took one last look back towards the big blue building where i had spent what seemed like 80% of my waking time

and then turned the page, closing that chapter of my journey.

Once home i packed my work clothes away at the bottom of my cupboard and instead started packing for a weekend of skiing! I was picked up at 9:30pm and then we drove and drove (i slept) to the incredible Pyrenese mountains, just across the border to the French side. When i woke on Saturday morning and looked outside i was met with the incredible sight of the Pyrenese, surrounding the valley in which our village Nahuja lay, from almost all sides. Before to long we were making our way in the car up through the mountains

and to a lesser known but arguably much better (in terms of crowds, price and quality) ski resort

I spent the day cruising and carving from side to side, down the lightly powdered slopes

and stopping from time to time just to take in the views which never ceased to amazed me.

We stopped for lunch and i had a DELICIOUS steak – almost as good as how my dad or brother would have done it back home. And then headed back out for few more hours of gliding along and having a wonderful time.

Back at the house i was exhausted and that night had the best sleep i have had in a LONG time – dozing until about 9:30 – a MAJOR sleep in for me these days. After a cruisy breakfast i went with my friend for a walk around the village of Nahuja

(it didnt take long as the village is TINY with no shops and an official population of just 72!)

Nahuja’s quaint original houses are distinguished by their heavy wooden doors topped with inscriptions in Latin which verify just how old the buildings are! Coming from Australia i am still in awe of the age of many of these villages and as i wander around always find my mind drifting to thoughts of the previous inhabitants dating back hundreds and hundreds of years and what their lives would have been like.

In the village center, lies my favourite part – the church of Saint Jacques Nahuja which dates back to 819!! Whilst now adays it’s generally closed, it occasionally opens for the devout and adventurous pilgrams travelling along the path of Saint Jacques de Compostela

We then ventured out of the village and along the main road to soak up the views which i had to slap myself (a bit too hard) to believe

I made friends with some of the local dogs too 🙂

Later that day we drove a short distance to see another picturesque french village.

We wandered through until we came to a path that meandered beside an icy river

The kids stopped for a play in the park

and we continued on for a little way through the fairytale setting.

After a hearty lunch back at the house, we lounged around,

I practiced a bit more Spanish and then packed up my gear to head home. It was a wonderful weekend and I owe a HUGE thankyou to the generous family who invited me – ive said it before and ill say it many times again, the people you meet when traveling are definitely the best part!



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5 responses to “A weekend in the beautiful French Pyrenese

  1. Caroline Galibert

    Hey Holly,

    Looks like a beautiful weekend. Am pleased you got the opportunity to get back to the Pyrenees to go skiing after not being well the last time. I hear you are going to visit Sofya. Have a fantastic time – you will love Palma. It’s so beautiful.


  2. Margaret Biggs

    Dearest Hollie. What a lovely weekend you had.I loved the little Church from 819.You have had so many great experiences already with many more to come.I sent you an email wishing you a happy Australia Day on 26/1 but I had a message to say it could’nt go.I don’t know why.Is your email still the same?Have a wonderful time with Mum & Dad .Give them our love . Love Margoo xxxx

  3. roland

    Carol has a house not far from Nahuja ( Enveitg ) If we knew you spend a week-end here we would try to see you. too late !!!

  4. Belén


    I’m sooo glad that you liked the weekend with us!!
    It was wonderful! We all enjoyed to be with you, as well. It’s a pity that today I couldn’t go to see you in Mataró, but I hope you’ve had a great time!!
    I just hope that your next trip to south america is great too!!


  5. roland

    Hi Holly it’s Carol ! The picture you took in front of the fountain is from a small village called Latour de Carol where Jean-Marc’s parents live. Jean-Marc went to school there when he was a kid and the icy river is le Carol ; Marianne and Marjolaine play every summer in the little park where you took the pictures with the children. Jean-Marc’s parents own a little farm a few minutes away. You actually probably walked or rode by ! We’ll actually be there in a couple of weeks with my dad and Babette and we’ll think about you !!!

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