An unexpected opportunity

To cut a long story nice and short, the opportunity has arisen for me to spend a few weeks with my parents in South America!
I am VERY excited about seeing them again and visiting a continent i have never been to before! (although i cant help but feel a little sad about cutting short my time in Barcelona). The logistics of organising this however have been a tad stressful (you wouldnt belive how many lists i have written!)

and unfortunately it means i have to discontinue my work after this friday ( I have had such a great experience in the office and met many wonderful people who have been incredibly kind, taking me on board and teaching me enourmous amounts during my short internship). I am certainly in no position to even consider complaining as I have been afforded yet ANOTHER exciting opportunity and as i have been trying my best to do -will make the most of every moment of it! I have now organised flights, accomodation and a place to leave some of my belongings amongst a plethora of other things which is why its taken me so long to get to publishing this post – my apologies again! (I also went to the gym for a solid run on monday and on Tuesday did another dance class with my friend from work, then cardio and toning class straight after that and then after a drink went with one of her friends went and had a delcious dinner at the trendy Japanese restaurant Miu!
– we had a mouth watering salad, assorted sashimi ( i have been CRAVING Japanese for so long as its an absolute staple of my diet back home and i hadnt had any japanese since starting my trip) and we also tried their bizarre specialty Sushi with marinated fish, avocado and banana – yes – banana! And it was DELICOUS!!!! i would have loved to be experimenting with the chef when they discovered this strange but delightful combination!!

Oh and this weekend i am going to an exciting destination with two new friends and when i get back (after telling you all about it) i will be spending the week finalizing plans and doing as much exploring as i can! This will be part research as my parents will spend just under a week with me in Barcelona after the trip to South America and i want to show them the best this city and the surrounding area has to offer! – so i am also in the throws of planning this aswell!

VALE (ok in Spanish) thats my news for the moment! Sorry this post is a little scrappy and not as well written as some of my others, time isnt currently of the essence. Warm wishes. HG


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  1. Margaret Biggs

    Dearest Hollie what a marvellous opportunity. South America is fantastic . You will love Buenos Aires .Tour Teatro Colon ,Opera House .Do the underground Tour. Here you will see all the sets costumes being made ,every thing for the performances.WE saw the tango at cafe Tortoni.Las Violetas is areally pretty cafe.Worth a look or high tea there. La Boca also interesting as is the Recoleta district & the cemetery where Eva Peron is. Have a great time with your parents . I love reading your blog Much love from us both Margoo xxxooo

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