OK, the last few days have been a little crazy but all will be explained soon. First i must pick up where i left off at Girona and tell you about my wonderful afternoon wandering between Sant Feliu de Guixols and Platja d´Aro – towns along the Costa Brava coastline!

The Costa Brava stretches from Blanes, 60km northeast of Barcelona, to the French border.Costa Brava is one of spains premier beach destinations and it’s rugged headleands and white sandy beaches are line with incredible mansions, villas and as i found out – restaurants!

I was kindly treated to a mouth-watering seafood lunch at the Michelin rated restaurant Villa del Mar on Sant Pol beach

To expend a bit of energy and properly absorb my surrounds i went for a walk with my friend and explored the area where he has been fortunate spend many of him summers.

We cruised along the beach and i made pact that i will do my best to return i the summer when the area with filled by bronzed beach goers and the sun is radiating warmth. But there is something really tranquil about beaches in the winter and i was glad to see this side as well

At the end of the beach we headed up and then around the headland

admiring the amazing villas and taking in the Mediterranean views – i couldnt believe the vivid colour of the ocean

which was particularly striking against the rugged orange headland.

We walked and talked and soaked it all up until we reached the next beach, our destination of departure

And after a lovely day, we finally had to head back home to Cabrils

I had another great night at the Mataro club – the security guards know me now!

After eventually rousing sunday morning (with feet still sore from the hours of dancing!) i walked just a little way along the beach

before reaching the train station to make my way back to Barcelona

to relax and get organised for the week ahead – little did i know my weekend was the calm before a wirlwind change of events!


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  1. G’day Hollie!
    I met your Dad and his compatriots from home- in my hometown, Boston- all here for schoolboy work at one of our highly-esteemed schools.

    Exchanging tales of our daughters- the pride that we feel- he in you and myself in my four daughters who clock in at around your age- your Dad spoke with such delight about your adventure and your travelblog. He could not resist writing down the url- and I could not resist taking him up on his referral on a work break to go on a virtual trek…

    Hollie, this has been a great break!

    Your Dad is right on- your blog is terrific. Your writing is engaging- it seems to reflect your enthusiasm and observations. As an author, I very much like that take (I know, too, how difficult it is to revisit and re-revisit even small written pieces to get it right- and you are doing just that…).

    I especially like this entry to which I am responding (though I must admit that I have not had the time to read enough of them). What strikes me about this is that it traverses from an externally-focused travel observation with awe-inspiring photos to touching on your inner responses to all of this novelty and beauty to which you are opening your self. It is engaging to see this world through your eyes and heart.

    (OK-quick true confession qualifier: I may be prejudiced toward the internal processing- I am a Psychologist- lifelong student of behavioral and brain science- who has put those sciences to the test consulting with athletes and business people. I enjoy hearing about about your internal responses be they to architecture, to dancing (oh, yes, I know that our hips don’t lie post-dance class…) or to an adventuresome run in the countryside (I love running and I could picture running in a new place and all that does for the soul- and legs).

    Your observations and heart and gut responses make your blog real and honest and enable us to see these new places through the eyes of an adventurous, candid, and, yes, courageous young woman exploring internal and external responses to out-of-the-box experiences.

    Your Dad has it right- your blog is a delight.

    Thank you for the effort that it takes. Hollie, you are an inspiring and talented thinker and writer.

    Looking forward,

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