Two suns?

Friday morning at the office i looked out the window and saw a beautiful sunrise

Upon looking closer, i honestly couldn’t believe what i was seeing and thought A)my eyes were playing tricks on me B) I was extremely overtired or C) I had finally gone completely insane

2, possibly 3 suns!!?!? I have no idea how or why this occured… even google couldn’t help me

Whatever the explanation is, im so glad that i just happened to bring my camera to work and bore witness to this bizarre event

If anyone can offer an explanation PLEASE tell me!



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3 responses to “Two suns?

  1. Yasmin

    you have finally mastered the art of cross-eyedism. congratulations, you are a crazy.
    miss you ying xxx

  2. Yasmin

    my brother said…send it to doctor karl..then let him know.
    love youuuu x

  3. Chris Gurovic

    Maitreya’s Star.

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