M m m myyyyyy Girona

Saturday morning we headed off at about 10 am, bound for the city of Girona! Girona is the gateway to Catalonia and the Costa Brava, a historical city that is well worth spending some time in. The 12th century saw a flourishing of the Jewish community of Girona, with one of the most important Kabbalistic schools in Europe. The history of the Jewish community of Girona ended in 1492, when the Catholic Kings expelled all the Jews from Catalonia. Today, the Jewish ghetto or Call is one of the best preserved in Europe and was where we spent most of our morning, navigating the alleyways and marveling at all that surrounded us

A jewish area, with an irish cafe, that sells duff beer. nice.

We wandered around – me taking many many photos until we came to Girona’s incredible cathedral.

The original cathedral was a Romanesque building (S. XI-XII) which was redesigned in 1312.

It also has a beautiful cloister open to the public

The photo below pretty much describes how i felt!

We then went for a walk along the river

After a wonderful morning we jumped back into the car and headed for COSTA BRAVA!!!! Though the suspense may kill you, im afraid you’ll have to wait for my next post to hear all about it! Im a bit tight for time and need a good sleep before facing the working week ahead! Lots of love. HG



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  1. Narcis

    when will be the next post??!!

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