It true. Hips don’t lie

Nis caderas no mienten – my hips don’t lie (they can barely move for that matter) – and they tell both the world and myself that i am a TERRIBLE dancer. This definitive fact was confirmed tonight when a colleague dared to take me to a dance class at her gym – yes i know your sitting there grinning, trying to fathom it, trying to picture it and perhaps laughing to your self or even outloud- you should be, i was!

Though throughout the class my laughter was constantly overcome by intense concentration as i did my almighty best to keep to the quick salsa/techno beat and only a few steps behind the vivacious male dance teacher! The spanish all seem to take their fluidity of movement for granted and can’t understand why i – descended from U.K ancestors (who had little need for such swaying and shaking as their hips were well hidden beneath the layers of clothes needed to keep warm!) have no natural rythm or dancing know-how. Whatsoever. Nada. Nil. The extent of my formal dance training goes only so far as a year or 2 jumping about trying to be a fairy at ballet lessons aged 4-6 and one or two junior school bush dances – Everybody! HEEL AND TOE AND AWAY WE GO! You get the point. Despite all this, in my mind, during the class, i was picturing myself as Shakira in the making and just went with the flow

Click here to to see what im talking about and watch how its REALLY done

And to be honest, i had the BEST time! You see everyone was too busy having fun and focusing to worry about how retarded i was and even if they did, i cant be mad for providing them with some great entertainment for the hour long class. Yes, i will return – and though i cant expect to become like shakira if my hips will loosen just a little i will be happy and also, far more relaxed. This is because as it takes so much focus theres no room to worry or think about anything other than not falling over yourself or into somebody else! I walked out of the class feeling wonderful – so good that i got dropped off at my gym and proceeded to do another 30 mins of intense cardio. You should be grateful i can muster the energy to type this!

Just a little aside as to why i actually agreed to go to a dance class in the first place (if you know me well you know how monumental this is). The dances of Spain (Flamenco, Salsa etc) are world renowned.

The dances are passionate, upbeat and incredible to watch.

The roots of Flamenco lie in gypsy dance, and while flamenco steps and traditions have changed immensely over the last 500 years, true flamenco dancers committed to dancing the art of their ancestors can still be found in the Spanish region of Andalucia today (hopefully i might be able to visit!). The creation of flamenco dancing was the result of several cultures coming together and their music, dance, and moods mingling. The gypsy people came from India and arrived in the Andalucia region of Spain in the early 1400s. Jews and moors also lived in this area, which was under Arab rule at the time.

Salsa in Spanish means ”sauce” or ”mixture” and is used to spice up Latin food. Salsa – the dance – can in fact be regarded as a hot & spicy “sauce” of various Latin and Afro Caribbean rhythms, such as the Cuban son, cha cha cha, rumba and mambo.

So, knowing these reputations, my travellers sense of curiousity got the better of me and yesterday in a moment of weakness when asked, i replied with a tentative “Si, why not”. And after a wonderful evening, im very glad that i did!

Hasta Luego!



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2 responses to “It true. Hips don’t lie

  1. Margaret Biggs

    That was fantastic. Go for it but don’t put your back out . I would have loved to learn when I was your age too old now .You would look good in a red dress.
    much love, big hug
    Margoo xxxooo

  2. sally

    glad you took the challenge. Will you be going back for more sessions? its wonderful how you are absoring so many experiences. love Mum

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