Part 2 – These Three Kings

Forget Christmas, the best-loved tradition among Spanish kids during the festive season is Los Tres Reyes Magos (the Three Wise Men). These Three ‘Kings’ are the ones who followed a star to meet the new King of Kings (Baby Jesus) and as you may know offered him three presents: gold, frankincense and myrrh to the newborn child in Belén (Bethelem).

When December comes, all the boys and girls in Spain and Latin America start to write their letters to the Three Kings or to their favorite King: Melchor, Gaspar or Baltasar. They write about the things they’d like to receive on the morning of the 6th of January, (which is the day the presents get delivered and we all get a public holiday!) and also about their behavior during the year. If they’ve been good, they get presents; if they’ve been bad, they get a piece of coal.

SO – on Tuesday afternoon i braved the ever dripping rain and the thousands of people to partake in the spectacle and im glad i did!

Children ran around with bags in anticipation of the lollies to catch and did whatever it took to get the best vantage points

I madly snapped away with my camera as the extravaganza of costumes, floats , music and lollies passed me by.

It was a great thing to be a part of though after the treacherous journey getting home (met some lovely english uni students who were as dazed and confused as i) through the swarming crowd – i think its a once is enough kind of event!


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