Part 1: Delighting in daily discoveries

Because there is alot to catch up on i will be doing this in a few parts like i did for christmas.

I’ll start with Tuesday, what would have normally been a typical day in the office turned out to be full of delightful discoveries! I took my camera to give you and idea of what its like in the morning before the sun rises and this little girl teeters to work

Tuesday was a particularly early start though as we all finished at about 3 thanks to the 3 kings! – dont worry i will explain this tradition in the next post. To make the most of the afternoon i poured through my Lonely Planet Barcelona guide (one of my most valued possessions right now) and after planning the afternoon, got the train to Arc de Triomf

Walked past the Citadel Park (it was raining so i couldnt stroll through as was hoped and will have to return soon)

Wandered the beautiful El Born area –

for those at home this trendy area filled with top notch restaurants, boutique shops and cosy cafe’s is a european version of Brisbane’s fashionable james st.

I was thrilled to find a speciality tea shop! and stocked up

Before waiting in line (definitely worthwhile) to enter the Museu Picasso which is considered a key reference for understanding the formative years of Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

The genius of the young artist is revealed through the more than 3,800 works that make up the permanent collection (though ofcourse only a select number are shown at any one time).

My favourite was his interpretation of Velázquez’s “Las Meninas”

Here is the original done by Diego Velázquez

And here is Picasso’s unique take

A close up on the variations

And some of the formative works

If nothing else the painting is a wonderful reminder that there is always a different perspective, wether its better or worse is subjective to the person, but its there nevertheless.

After the artistic enlightenment i went to the 3 kings parade (as i said i will dedicate the next post to this) and after finally making it though the crowds to get home, i was whisked off to my second soccer match again at the incredible camp nou!

Barca vs Sevilla (ranked 3rd in spain, barca is ranked 1).

True dedication was shown on behalf of all attendees as it was raining and Barcelona only had 8 of their top players on the field as it was considered one of the more minor matches (this proved to be a bad move as they lost 2-1!!!!! – they are current world champions…?)

The match started at 10 and didnt finished until about 11:45 so by the time we got home i was completely exhausted and thankful that i would be able to sleep in for the public holiday!


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  1. haha!! have you got any problem with barçaa??
    I hope you enjoyed it…

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