¡Felíz año nuevo!

Happy NEW YEAR!! As said in my last post i wish you all the best and hope this year is all you want it to be!!!

Yes, i had a wonderful time! Starting at work on wednesday (as most people took thursday and will also have monday off) we finished the day with some celebratory chocolates and Cava (Spanish Champagne – Almost all cava is produced in Catalonia).

Thursday the 31st i went to work normally (and managed the trains perfectly i might add!) but for the special occassion we finished at about 1pm. I was then taken to the beautiful house of a colleagues family in the area of Cabrils a village outside of Barcelona.

That afternoon we cooked some yummy savory muffins with olive pate and anchovies (i was a little surprised at first by the ingredients) but it worked amazingly well.

For dinner we started with salad consisting of shrimp, pomegranate, roasted pine-nuts, leaves with a dressing of olive pate, mustard, olive oil and pepper.

Followed by a local white fish baked in a home made mayonnaise thats been folded into whisked egg white to make it light, fluffy and extra smooth mmm, i was going to take a picture but i was half way through eating it when i remembered this and it tasted so good that i couldnt stop. sorry.

The meal ended with traditional christmas time sweets, then we sat watching the tv for the countdown in Madrid holding champagne glasses and a plate with 12 grapes. Yes. Grapes. 12.

In Spain, as the clock strikes 12, people eat twelve grapes—one for each month of the year, and for each toll of the bell. Start too early -badluck, not finish them in time -badluck. The tradition, which is believed to bring good luck, can be traced back to the year 1909 when there was a bountiful harvest in the town of Alicante and Alfonso XIII, the Spanish King, gave grapes to the people on New Year’s Eve, its continued ever since.

Oh and apparently if your not wearing red panties thats also bad luck – thats spain for you!

After many double cheeked kisses and Buon Anno’s i left with a new friend to experience another part of Barcelona – the nightlife 🙂 We went to a discotech at 1am and i had a wonderful time dancing and laughing at many of the attempts to communicate – luckily i met more than a couple of young spaniards with perfect english! We returned home at about 5:30am and i slept soooooooo well

On the train back to Barcelona the sun setting over the beach made for a beautiful scene and luckily i had my camera (its equally as lovely when i ride the train to work in the morning as the sun rises but i never have my camera)


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  1. Sally Gordon

    Love all the food photos and details, you will come home a fantastic cook. Your NYs will certainly be one to remember. Dad said Leuis is home, Im glad you will have his company. From what dad says he is the most funny lovely guy. We’re back in Bris for a bit. Had heaps of rain so it is very lush. In the bush Noorama has had about 10 inches. Bundamar about 5inches, even Mt Margaret has had 2 to 3 inches and a few inspections are in the pipeline. Pushed myself to go to a Bardon Bikrim today, hotter that Byron, seemed to spends a lot of time kneeling! I think as there are lots of storms about the humidity is very high. Looking forward to your next blog. Would love to get an sms love and hugs Mum

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