Life as a Barcelona Bachelorlette (Only until Saturday when my room mate returns) is going pretty well.

Food Supplies : YEP
Clean Clothes : YEP (Although i badly shrunk my favourite woolen jumper -still a bit of domestic stuff to learn)
Plans for New Years Eve : YEP!
Mastered Public transport : FINALLY – only took me 3 days. 10 trains. 1 taxi. 1 bus. countless maps and alot of wasted time but i can now get myself to and from work no dramas on just !
Picking up Spanish : Wellll…. i´ve made a start and now that im settled can get stuck into it
Cooking myself delicious Gourmet meals : YEP!

  • Tuesday night: Delicious smoked salmon salad with rocket, bean sprouts, walnuts, cherry tomatoes and parmesan with a dressing of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, chilli jam and lime mmmm.
    To celebrate my triumph over the transport network i also helped myself to some lovely champagne
    – yes i was able to buy it myself 🙂 I love spain. I followed the meal with some fresh fruits
    and ofcourse some dark chocolate.

  • Wednesday night: Stir Fry! Beef strips, cashews, carrots, bok choy, spring onions, capsicum and bean sprouts with a sauce of olive oil, soy sauce, chilli jam, lots of lemon/lime. mmmm

    I also want to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful new year and hope it brings you good health, prosperity and much happiness

    Im working on a list of resolutions and will post it up when im done so you can all hold me accountable!

    P.S thankyou to those who completed my survey – i will do my best to acheive your requests. To those who haven´t yet, please do the little poll below as it´s a great help for me to make this blog as enjoyable for you to read as possible

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    1. Margoo

      I am loving travelling with you.Jack & I wish you a happy ,healthy & safe new year. We miss you.
      Love,hugs &kissesMargoo

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