In response to the poll requests for more interesting facts im endeavouring to give you an amateur overview of spain – don´t worry there will be plenty of personal insights to come. First and foremost Spain is diverse and that is exactly where its true beauty lies

It has got the north that can be likened with the undulating green hills of Ireland, whereas the south gives out a tang of Morocco in its topography and architecture.

Various ancient paintings, Moorish palaces, Roman ruins, rundown castles and cathedrals alongside the modern structures speak about its rich heritage and culture. Be it language, culture, cuisine or the art, it is the element of diversity present in all of these that truly entice a person.

Google has kindly given me some interesting quick facts about Spain to share!

  • In the 16th century Spain was among the most powerful empires in the world

  • The low birthrate registered in Spain is the result of the high unemployment coupled with steep housing costs. These factors make it difficult for most people in Spain to buy houses big enough to accommodate more than two kids. On a similar note of the 14 million gypsies in Europe, have a million live in Spain and half of these in Andalucia

  • Bullfighting in Spain, which is regarded as an art as well as a popular attraction, is its biggest and most controversial sport. Bullfighting is a central part of Spanish history, art and culture and there are bull rings in all important cities and even a few minor ones.

  • More than men, it is women who are presently enrolled in Spain’s universities.

  • Around 40 per cent Spaniards between the 17 and 24 age group are smokers.

  • Spain has one of Europe’s highest rates of AIDS.

  • Spain legalized gay marriage in June 2005 despite strong opposition from the Catholic Church – In Spain, 94 per cent of its population is Roman Catholic.

  • Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain in order to find the New World.

  • In January 2002, euro was made the official currency of Spain.

  • The biggest industry in Spain is tourism. Benidorm, a beach town nearby Alicante has got the third most hotel rooms in Europe after London and Paris!

  • La Sagrada Familia is the most famous sight in Barcelona. Designed by Antoni Gaudi, the Roman Catholic basilica is unfinished – despite the architect being commissioned for the job in 1883! Gaudi died in 1926 and work has continued on the building to this day. Officially, the magnificent building will be finished in 2026, one hundred years after Gaudi died.

    So there you go!

    Hasta luego amigo

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    1. This is one really good guide to Spain 😉

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