Hello ‘Real’ World

If your wondering how my life in the real world is, it’s your lucky moment…. without further adieu… here it is, the first day of a “first time, real world attendee“.

Rouse at 7 to an annoying ringtone. Actually get out of bed at 7:30. Fuel up. Get dressed and leave by 8. Walk to the nearest metro (only 5 mins). Arrive at Catalunya – a central part of Barcelona.

(Here’s where things get a little twisty)

Catch a train in an attempt to get to the train which will take me to my work destination. Go in the complete opposite direction. Get so lost that, with only 20 minutes until im supposed to be at work, i catch a taxi across town (yes i was able to achieve this with next to no spanish – hand signs and street names work wonders!) to the station i was supposed to arrive at as this was my only address.

Walk from the station for 15 minutes and decide to just keep walking until i see the big blue building where i will spend most of the next 2 and 1/2 months. 5 minutes later, my tactic actually worked! I arrive at the office, (20 minutes late so i repeatedly said ‘lo siento lo siento -im sorry ) sweating (having taken off my jumper, cardigan, jacket, gloves and scarf ( i’d rather be over-prepared than cold). Meet the staff – who are very friendly and welcoming – and settle in to a day of tasks suitable to a completely inexperienced intern. By 12 my tummy’s rumbling but no-one has lunch until atleast 2 so i have to wait. Go to a little eatery round the corner and have simple but delicious tuna salad and some grilled calamari – still adjusting to how there is beautiful fresh seafood in the winter. Keep working until we finish the day at about 6pm – so THIS is why they eat later. Now i have to get home….

Luckily this is much easier than getting to work.

A brisk walk, 2 trains and another brisk walk later i arrive home but first stop at the local fruit & veg shop as there were limited supplies at the apartment. Drop off the food, catch my breath, and head back out to visit the other shops (the bakery, the butcher, (the bottle shop) and the general grocer – all necessary to get my supplies.

Arrive home at about 9pm and put on a load of washing ( my clothes were pretty gross after being re-worn and re-worn and re-worn some more in france). Cook dinner – a nice little steak (take THAT iron deficiency) and a yummy parmesan, pear, walnut and rocket salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil as dressing followed by some dark chocolate (90% mmmm) and fruit.

Shower. Clean my room. Tick off a few more things on my list and finally, at 11: 30pm, i drift off to sleep.

Until it all begins again!

Buenos Noches.


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