A Merry French Christmas –Part 2

When I woke – at 10 – I was still feeling completely full so I decided to go for a nice run along one of the back roads. Half an hour later I stopped on top of a hill and took in the amazing view. It was the warmest it has been so far – I only needed one layer – and Mother Nature pulled out all the stops for Christmas – bright blue sky and a shining sun. Unfortunately for you I didn’t bring a camera but take my word for it, it was pretty special. I called my family during the hour-long walk back to the cottage and it was lovely to catch up on all the news and exchange Christmas greetings. When I returned I had just enough time to get ready for Christmas lunch and some photos of the family + a token Australian (me).

Lunch was of course delicious but still digesting last nights food I didn’t have nearly as much.

After lunch we said a sad goodbye to some of the family and on our way to Ille sur Tet, we stopped at a nearby lake for one of the family members to have a kite surf as the wind had picked up

Ille sur Tet is where we had our Christmas party to finish off the celebrations.

A lovely evening of dancing, singing along to Johnny Halliday (the most famous man in france),

champagne – naturally – and ofcourse great company.

A very Merry Christmas indeed.


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  1. God you’re good with this thing Hol. Yes, I updated mine. 🙂 take care – no getting fat now! Love you xxx

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