USAP vs Munster

We had a big Sunday lunch with lots of guests (that we JUST squeezed around the table) of roast meat, deliciously cooked beans (i’m undergoing a covert operation to steal the recipe) and the usual accompaniments of wine, bread and smelly soft cheeses.

Filled to the brim we headed to Perpignans rugby stadium
to burn some energy cheering against the animated Munster supporters.

I learnt many french swear words, had beer spilt on me

and proudly bore the catalan colors on a warm scarf and a USAP flag thats draped over my shoulders (over my three layers AND ski jacket).

USAP Cheerleaders

Comic relief was provided upon realising that Perpignans number 5 – was a dead ringer of Forrest Gumps Bubba

and we screamed Allez BUBBA ALLEZ whenever he got the ball.

It was a good game but sadly my chanting of USAP USAP USAP USAP (sounding like oooosahp ooooosahp) wasn’t enough to bring the home side through.

With 10 minutes left the score was 30-14 in Munsters favor and after showing much vocal disgust the French home support were streaming for the gates. We stayed to the end and clapped both teams by as they lapped around the stadium before heading to town for some sorrowful aperitifs. After some colorful conversations with ecstatic Munster supporters we were all singing together and swapping supporter flags in good spirit.

We had dinner in town and i was thrilled to receive a delicious seafood salad (i have no joke been dreaming about crispy fresh salads after the all of big hearty meals i eaten)


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  1. OH Hollie!! Im SO jealous. I want to be there. Take care. xxxxxx

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