Creativity in Collioure

Friday afternoon we took a short drive along the coastline to the beach resort town of Collioure.

Collioure has always been a source of inspiration for artists. Writers, poets, singers and painters fell under Collioure’s charm and after you see the pictures its not hard to imagine why artists and tourists alike flock to the town in Summer. Well known painters Picasso, Matisse, Derain, Dufy Chagall, Marquet, and many others set up their easels here and immortalized the small Catalan harbor in their works. With approximately thirty galleries and many artists from the entire world, Collioure still is the ”City of Painters.”

“In France there is no sky as blue as the one in Collioure…I just have to close the shutters of my room and I have all the colors of the Mediterranean before me.” — HENRI MATISSE

Many Phocaean, Roman, and Greek sailors traveled to Collioure and left behind a very rich archaeological heritage including an imposing fortress

A church that goes out into the ocean

And many lovely ocean front buildings that hhave since been transformed into café’s

Also noteworthy are the creatively colored apartments throughout the village, lucky for you I took HEAPS of photos

These are just a sample and the best of the photos I will put on my ‘Photography’ page as soon as I have the time. Ramping up to Christmas I have been visiting many relations and friends of the family who are generously hosting me so I’m sorry for the increasing infrequency of my posts.


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One response to “Creativity in Collioure

  1. richard & Tess

    hey hol looks like you are having a fabulous time i saw sall last week & she was sad wen u left but is so proud of you & excited that you r having an amazing adventure. hope that your 60kg of stuff isnt weighing u down toooo much (rg)

    Hey Hollie, glad you arrived safely and by the pics look like you enjoying yourself 🙂 I have been using your cook book you left ALOT and will have to tab the pages for tom for when i leave (20th Jan). Take care lovely xx

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