Blue Skies at Les Angles

After an early start and quick bite to eat we jumped in the car for the 1 hr 45min scenic drive to the slopes of Les Angles!

Located on the north of the department of Pyrénées Orientales, the Capcir Plateau is the highest cultivated plain in Europe. The village of Les Angles,

whose first mention dates back to the year 966, is built on the foothills of the Massif llaret, is the highest plateau (1655m). Unfortunately my morning was spent in the confines of a Longwood cabin atop the mountain as i suffered a minor bout of altitude sickness (feeling Dizzy and unwell). I was kept company by a beautiful Pyrénées mountain dog

But was still very disapointed as i stared out at the blue skies and inviting slopes

After 3 hours of mind numbing solitare on my ipod and a bite to eat i was free to cruise the slopes and had a great time doing so whilst taking in the incredible views

With a knackered body and a belly full of beef bourguignon i was ready for another deep sleep

Bon Nuit!


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