Back across the border for Salvador Dali!

Today was spent in both France AND Spain as the town we visited Figueres is only a 30-minute drive from Perpignan. Figueres is Dalis birthplace and home to the renowned Salvidor Dali art museum filled with incredibly bizarre painting and sculptures alike. The Teatre de Dali itself is the largest surrealistic object in the world

and occupies the building of the former Municipal Theatre, a 19th century construction which was destroyed at the end of the Spanish Civil War. On its ruins, Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) decided to create his museum.

“A true painter is one who can paint extraordinary scenes in the middle of an empty desert. A true painter is one who can patiently paint a pear in the midst of the tumults of history.” – Salvador Dalí.

After refueling with croissants and a nice strong espresso we spent a few hours exploring the museum and murmering many umms and ahhs

ontop of being blown away by how strange his works are, I was in awe of the breadth of his work, ranging from both figurative and surrealist paintings/drawings

to intricate pièces of jewellery

to bizarre sculptures in all shapes and sizes

My favourite painting displayed Dalis obsession with perspective as up close it appears to be a nude figure

But when looking from far away, it is infact a portrait painting of Abraham Lincoln

Below are some more of the artworks that grabbed my eye

After the art museum we drove for 20 minutes to the ocean town of Roses

– swarming with tourists and beach goers in the summer but dead quiet in the winter

At a beachfront eatery we had a traditional Spanish seafood meal and as part of the appetisers i also tried my first snail!

It was quite weird going from speaking (well atleast trying to) French to Spanish in mere minutes upon crossing the border but its another wonder of europe im sure ill soon get used to! bonne nuit!


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  1. mike

    hollie really enjoying your photos and coments.

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