France – Castelnou and Perpignan

Woke early to navigate Esatcio de Franca but it was nice and easy like the rest of Spain’s transport system. Had my morning café solo and I was off to Perpignan, France on the Montpelliar train!


has a strong Catalan identity (the red and yellow striped flags fly proudly everywhere you look!) which dates back to 13th and 14th century when it was the capital of the kingdom of Mallorca. Since then the town has prospered as a commercial centre and is the largest Catalan city after Barcelona and Lleida in Spain

After a pleasant 3 hour journey through the countryside and at stages, along the seaside I walked off the heated train into the freezing cold of around 2 degrees with added chill factor from the bitter wind.

We were warmed from the inside out with a delicious lunch of Rabbit cooked in two ways by my friends French grandmother, one serving in mushroom sauce and the other in mustard – absolutely amazing. The meal was followed by an array of soft cheeses and we were all at bursting point upon rising from le tableu.

For the afternoon we went to Castel Nou which was built in the 11th century and is surrounded by a charming little village.

It was there that I touched my first snow of the winter!

Returning home we had another hearty meal of vegetable soup and I was exhausted by 8pm… I think the delayed onset of jet-lag is beginning to kick in


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One response to “France – Castelnou and Perpignan

  1. Hi Gorgeous!!!!!


    It just looks amazing!! You look so settled and as we thought you are already having an amazing experience. Enjoy everything never leave any stone unturned as you know you will rue it later! Keep the blog going dearest

    Love Dolph xxxxxx 🙂

    PSwish I was there too!

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