Street Performers, Spanish Feasts and SIESTAS!!

Home is where the heart is and it seems a large part of my heart is already happily grounded here. Today, a lovely lazy Sunday, i returned to Cataluyna to take a leisurely stroll around Las Ramblas and the surrounding alley ways that are filled with cafes and shops.

My second time there, i was able to take in so much more and was particularly in awe of the architecture, it seems every building is a masterpiece. That might sound like a no brainer considering i AM in Barcelona, but coming from Australia where grande old buildings are few and far between, it is something that i really appreciate.

I also had a better look at the human statues who seem to make a full time job out of being as strange and unhuman as possible. As i had my camera today i took some photos to share the strange experience with you.

I also picked up some spanish childrens books including Peter Pan and a Tintin comic accompanied by a spanish – english dictionary to aid in my language studies

Upon returning home at about 1pm, the preparation for a traditional Spanish feast that would be our lunch began!

(If your wondering why a feast was being started so late, it is because that is how the Spanish do everything – late. Lunch is between 2-4pm, dinner is sometime after 10pm and if your going out at night, the clubs are empty until at least 2am!)

Back to the feast… mmmm… it was soooooo good. Now there are two traditional Spanish meals Paella

And the Tortilla commonly known as the “Spanish Omlette” as it’s basically eggs, onion and potato. This was the centerpiece of our meal.

To accompany the Tortilla in traditional Spanish “Tapas” style we also had a delicious array of cooked mushrooms, salad, tuna with a spicy tomato sauce,

homemade crumbed patties, Padron (Roulette) Peppers (because 1 in 10 are really hot)

and ofcourse some fresh, crispy bread

The whole process was very ritualistic and with 3 of us it took about 1 ½ hours. My god it was worth it!

To send it down smoothly the meal was accompanied by a lovely local wine . With 50 wine regions boasting red, white, sparkling, rosé, and sherry wines spread throughout the country, Spain is the 3rd largest wine producer in the world.

For sweets we were treated to a very exotic fruit “Purple Mangosteen” which is only grown in thailand

And to finish it all off we had some freshly made espresso’s and my personal favorite 90% Dark Chocolate.


I was completely content to say the very least and topped it off with a nice little siesta.

I love Spain.



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One response to “Street Performers, Spanish Feasts and SIESTAS!!

  1. tom

    Looks amazing hollie! love all the photos.

    Safe travels.

    tom xo

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