The Journey Begins – Destination 1 BARCELONA!

After a grueling journey from Australia via Singapore and London that all up took about 34 hours I finally made it to the beautiful city of Barcelona! I’ve only had one night and full day but im already in love. Beautiful tree lined streets throughout the city, amazing architecture and great coffee (My first European espresso (café solo) went down extremely smoothly)! I recommend the well known Café Zurich at Cataluyna

What else is there? The people of course, who are lovely, very welcoming and genuine. I already feel at home. My bedroom window looks out to the mountains

that along with the ocean, act as extremely helpful bearing points, not that it’s hard to get around. Im proud to say that I’ve already conquered the metro system thanks to its simplicity and color-coded lines. With the help of the metro and a good friend come tour guide I started my exploration at Cataluyna and strolled down the crowded Las Ramblas,

staring in awe at the plentiful people statues in their outrageous costumes,

holding my bag tightly in case of pickpockets (but not so tightly that I would look like the paranoid traveler that I actually am!) and pinching myself in an attempt to realize that I was infact walking down the famous street IN BARCELONA, SPAIN! After all the planning and worry that went into the preparation it still feels completely surreal.

I popped into the Mercat de la Boqueria

and grabbed a delicious fresh green apple and lovely raspberry juice with my patchy Spatalian (My personal linguistic concoction of Italian and Spanish) which was returned with a sympathetic smile and melodious “de nada” (your welcome/ not at all). A long stroll followed as after meeting my friend we walked along Passieg De Gracia, marveling at Gaudis masterpieces

and taking in the cities vibe. After refueling with a fresh insalata and equally refreshing Pellegrino at a lovely café we continued to the nearest metro that would take us to Gaudi’s Park Guell. Wow. The park itself though quite bland (as its filled with cacti and tough Mediterranean plants) is very pleasant to stroll as one listens to the variety of buskers that despite their differences combine to create a cruisy vibe. And then, just as your wondering how many different types of cacti there could possibly be, you walk around the corner and are awe struck upon glimpsing one of Gaudi’s incredible buildings. They are straight out of a whimsical dream and look incredible from any distance. From afar you admire the curvaceous shapes and shear bizarreness

a upon closer inspection you are taken away by the immense detail and effort that would go into the meticulous mosaics that decorate the building facades, roofs and sporadically placed chairs.

For fear of pick-pockets I didn’t bring my camera and was kicking myself ALL DAY so unfortunately the pictures here are thanks to the loose/non existent copy right laws that fail to cover any image accessible through google. Simply type in “Gaudi Barcelona” and you’ll get a taste of the glories I witnessed today, first hand. Yes you should be quite jealous

Another reason to be jealous is that I went to the incredible Camp Nou tonight

and watched Barca (FC Barcelona) take on Espanyol and WIIINNN 1-0! Now I’m a rugby girl through and through but its an amazing experience sitting on the tip of your seat in anticipation in the freezing cold with 100,000 other passionate spectators

And that wraps up my first full day in Barcelona! May they all be as exciting and wonderful as today was!

Adios Amigos


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