JUST finished my last piece of school assessment – an ugly unseen Modern History essay – so im DONE!!!! As soon as the clock struck 11:15 and the teacher ceremoniously announced “times up girls” the hall erupted with the joyous sound of party blowers and i broke out in a series of sharp, unrhythmic body movements i like to call dancing, or to be more specific – the celebration dance – in this variation i lose control of my arms and do my best michael jackson – god bless him – poses

All the while singing


do dodoodi

do dodoodi

do dodoodi


It was great.



Now there is nothing holding me back from devouring travel books, attacking peoples ears with fractured sentences of Italian, word vomiting upon unsuspecting persons about my plans (yourself for example) annndddd CELEBRATING! It’s a bizarre feeling, a wonderful, overwhelming, unimaginable feeling that i’m sure you all distinctly remember!


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