Pro’s of being an intrepid Aussie

As an Aussie with a distinctive accent and a habitual inclination to greet all with a cheery ‘G’Day’ i have found to my great delight how welcoming the world seems to be of us Terra Nullius inhabitants! Perhaps it is pity for our geographical dislocation from the rest of the western world or rather our “Crocodile Dundee, Mad Max, Kangaroo Jack” novelty factor. Whenever i am asked about what it’s like to ride a roo (kangaroo) to school, i quickly reply that not only do we have the miracle of public transport on our large island, but rather that on our farms (my family has a few properties) kangaroo’s are a pest which we must ‘control’ (Roo shooting is a legitimate profession). That stops many in their tracks but to ease the horrified expressions and questions “how could you do that to your national fauna” etc etc i continue on to say how their incredible capacity to breed (Poor mothers can have 3 in production at once!) means there is no issue of extinction and if we didn’t monitor their population you wouldn’t be able to enjoy beautiful Australian lamb as the roo’s would eat all the feed! And the delicious lamb comes from a portion of the estimated 150 million sheep in Australia. Bear in mind we only have about 23 million people so clearly, we care about our sheep.

Wow, it’s easy to get sidetracked…. sorry.



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