Hello world wide web!


I’m a young Australian, 10 days from finishing school and 32 days from embarking on a world trip which will last for about 9 months. Obviously, i’m excited to say the VERY least.

So why am i writing this blog? Well, because i can, because i wish to share my experiences and also, down the track, i hope to hear about your experiences and any advice you may have for me.

Due to the most obvious issue that traveling females face (safety) instead of just backpacking i’ll be having a few ‘stints’ living with family friends and friends of friends. Besides soaking in the experiences and celebrating, i’ll be do a couple of internships to keep me busy, allow me to meet new people and to properly experience the various cultures. (To see a detailed description of where im going at this stage please visit the ‘desinations‘ page – which i hope is working)

I’ve been planning this trip for over a year now and the closer it comes to my departure the more surreal, strange and wonderful it all seems. I don’t want to use the word ‘scary’ but leaving all i know to go to places i’ve never been and do things i’ve never done is certainly a tad daunting. Even more though, the challenge and the potential of this adventure is unbelievably exciting!

Im currently procrastinating as i have 2 more exams (Economics and Modern History) before i officially finish school which i best get back to.

In the mean time, if you have any information or advice to add or a further focus for this blog i’d love to hear from you


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